Dim Lights Like Dull Stars

Moving on in the labyrinth, of lies and reality, and a little place for myself…

The everyday habit to feel free and content, even it is for a matter of hours!

A piece by Gabriel

Smoke ahead of liquid.
One after the other.
They chase one another
through my veins.
Vision blurry.
Step unsteady.

Dim lights like dull stars.
Pretty girls like fixtures.
This bar stool looks as weathered as I feel.
Coat check your heart.
Bad pickup lines between beers.
This dive bar feels as weathered as I look.

Her smoke sits on my skin
As I listen to her rant and ramble and smile.
I’m safe.
With this rum in my gut.

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve walked in
And placed my mind on the windowsill.
Distilled stomach acid.
The bartender asks me what I’m having
And I reply,
“Two shots on the rocks.”
Tell me when I’ve had enough.

I’m safe here.
Safe with this rum in my gut.
And I’ve heard there’s safety in numbers.
So the bottle’s almost done.
Safe until I can’t remember.
Safe until I wake up.