At the crossroad we stand, with the lessons of our past in mind, and a choice for what we choose to be…

A poetry jam by Bleeding Beauty, Blue and Chai



What role are you playing today?

A friend or a foe?

A lonely being or a weird fellow?

A lover or a colleague of sanity?

Or someone not sure

Of whether he should act or just, be?



Had I known that

Would I be here?

At the crossroads

Of being somewhere

And knowing nothing?


Bleeding Beauty:

But I’m still here,

Misty eyed with an empty mind.

Pondering over my options,

Wondering which will be the best,

For once I pick the role I want,

This life can do the rest..



What if?

What if I make a mistake?

What if I can’t replay?

What if I jump

But fall not fly?

What role is ‘right’?


Bleeding Beauty:

‘What ifs’ are beautiful,

And no role is wrong or right.

Once you make a mistake you know,

What not to do to make your future bright.

You will fall and break at times,

But you’ll heal with grace and pain,

Every doubt you have and every role you choose,

Is only like a subtle gain…




Isn’t the risk is too high?

Don’t you wish for the comfort of the known?

The warmth of old?

How can I watch it be blown?


Bleeding Beauty:

Isn’t there always a risk?

For we are unaware of the unseen.

We all long for the comfort of the known,

But then how shall we known where we shouldn’t have been?

We all long for the warmth of the old,

But then, how in the untested waters, will we not be frozen cold?



So what do you say I do?

What role do I choose?

The one that’s right

Stands on one side

The one that leaves no bother

Stands on other

So what do you say I do?

What role do I choose?



Where do we go then?

To the silence unnerving,

Or to the woods shouting

Serene, slowly unto your eardrums,

Screaming all the names you’ve ever been?

Or do we stay?

Stay and be us instead of all of us we could have been?


Bleeding Beauty:

I say choose what life throws at you.

Should you fall and skin your knees,

You’ll get up and brush it off,

Then choose what you love,

So that you heal and be the one you should have been…

Like it’s truly said about life,

We don’t come with a plan.

We make our own plan.



What if there is never a plan?

Would you walk the road still?

Knowing that it could end without

You ever finding the thrill

You sought, in cordoned haunted houses

Or in bruised yellow bushes?

Would you walk a path without a destination?


Bleeding Beauty:

If there’s no plan,

Walk the road and discover.

There’s always a thrill in not being thrilled.

Life isn’t about thrills and surprises.

It’s about learning the truth and getting thrilled.

Walk the path without knowing your destination,

That’s what you call writing your own story with your imagination..



That then

Shall be my aim

That then

Shall be my choice

That then

Is who I shall be



And forever.