At the cross road…let my convistion guide me, let my persistance fuel me

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

Almost always I find myself on a crossroad,
To rebel or to agree is a conundrum hard to decode.

Since agreement is loved by all,
Therefore dissent hardly gets a call.

Being in agreement makes our lives easy,
But saying yes to everything sounds cheesy.

Rebels find it hard to always conform,
They often do not follow the norm.

Rebels get branded and invite disdain,
Their masters frown upon them again and again.

Distance from all describes a rebel,
Merely seen in their company attracts libel.

Thus alone and neglected, a rebel becomes bitter,
Failed by friends and family alike, they seek release on twitter.

Agreeable men are surrounded by happiness and fun,
Smooth operators like them are seldom seen on the run.

Polished career and achievements line their way,
Every day for them becomes a red letter day.

An agreeable man tries to please all,
Remains ever available to their masters at their beck and call

Since he ever conforms and never says no,
Thus very often he can be seen touching a new low.

A rebel is never plagued by low self esteem,
As he follows his conscience and supports his team.

As many suppressed feelings find vent in a rebel,
Knowing his secret admirers makes him revel.

To rebel or to agree is often a hard choice,
The path becomes clearer once we listen to our inner voice.