Common words by a common man…for every women who’s life and presence makes ours more than common.

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

Our heads bowed down in shame while humanity went insane,

As a girl aged ten got raped by her kin again and again.

A baby was asked to deliver another baby,
As the law of the land went crazy.

Courts got caught in the maze of their ananarchaic laws,
As they stuck with ‘illegal to abort over 20 weeks clause.’

Hearing this, the hapless parents of the girl went numb,
As they never hoped the law to be so dumb.

Their poverty added to their woes,
As they ran from pillar to post on their toes.

Thank God their doctors came forward to negotiate,
As courts noted that a ten year old isn’t fit to procreate.

But her fate ultimately turned shabby,
As time ran out to drop her baby.

A girl in this world is nothing more than a body,
As lecherous men hunt for her with or without toddy.

Strange that girls gets worshipped in every form,
As men go on subduing them like a norm.

Their sanctity is violated at every turn,
As their parents remain in constant concern.

The soul underneath their body gets somewhere lost,
As objects of desire we fix their cost.

Girls are not merely bodies to devour,
As our mothers and sisters this idea seems sour.

A girl is a model of tolerance and care,
As men may learn how to share.

Patience and virtue are amongst her many traits,
As in every field they are doing great.

Her sacrifices lead a man to succeed,
As grateful humans we must pay heed.

Rise above their body and look at their souls,
As girls go on and make our lives a whole.