Beauty is the pimple on your cheek,
Being able to stand up boldly when people think you’re meek.
It is that unique laughter of yours that echoes in the halls,
Finding the prettiness in yourself and not in the cosmetics of the malls.

Beauty is you fearlessly speaking your mind,
Even when there’s no support you can find.
It is that drive that pushes you ahead,
When you’re close to giving up, your eyes blood-red.

It is you having a thought about something,
To be undeterred and be stopped by nothing.
Beauty is to feel proud of your looks and your face,
Even when everyone else thinks you’re a disgrace.

It’s to unleash that flapping spirit in your heart,
The magic that can tear people apart.
It is to wear what is not meant to impress anybody,
To be in the garb that makes you feel like somebody.

Beauty is to go beyond the line and discover the unknown,
To bring forth to the people what no one has ever shown.
Beauty is to celebrate that the fact that you’re amazing,
To emerge and prove to the mankind that you’re truly a blessing.

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