An Endless Wait

Tick tock, Tick tock went the clock; and we still wait…

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

Destiny strikes again and another life goes in vain
Either nature acted truant or a truant man acted unnaturally
An endless wait and an Irrecoverable loss now awaits the living
To inhospitable terrains and hostile places they went by turn
While loved ones remained optimistic of their return
Struck by an unrelenting bullet or an unruly avalanche
They were never in with a chance
With unfulfilled promises, they fell and never rose again
While their spouses and children waited in vain
Many dreams got shattered and futures turned bleak
But some brazen voices still wanted them to speak
Lamenting their loss they cried in isolation
As medals and money seldom give consolation
Special days will no more be special without them
For their infectious smile which made it special is now gone
They will be missed on each passing day
And their memories will linger as long as we stay
Their loved ones will never find their substitute
Without their love and guidance, they feel destitute
Human nature is the cause of all strife
Thus the need for Manning hostile locations will always remain rife
More lives may be lost and more tears might be spent
If human ego refuses to relent
Unless we all come together and strike a compromise
An endless wait for those gone would never surmise.