A Sweet Summer Lullaby

Summer retreat, washed ashore and marooned!

A piece by Wings

A loud thump, She’s on her bed.

Her hair undone,

Waves away from her head!

Curly and bouncy,

Some flying in the air,

Her eyes shut out the world and care.


“Hush little baby, just fall asleep”, A meek little voice crooned

With splendour, pulling her into a dream.

A beautiful day, all fun and frolly!

Turned into a shade of ebony.

The sudden change,

Her body a feather-

To and fro it glowed,

A shadow overcast a felony it involved!

Kindling emotions,

Letting lose illusions!

She threw herself out,

Tears streaming as she ran,

From her worse nightmare;

Following her,

Whispering in her ears relentlessly,

Trapping her in a sweet summer lullaby