A Belief

Bound by fate, liberated by faith

There to stay, through the bounds of time and fate, it is our belief that keeps us together!

 A piece by Quennan
It wasn’t long that she had met him. No, just a couple of months. What did she see in him then? He was in the middle of a mess created by himself. He was struggling to be fine.
Scared. Guilty. Disappointed in himself.
But it attracted her like a magnet. She decided to be his support. She decided to be his pillar of strength and promised him that no matter what, he will always find her by his side. It gave him enough faith in himself to stand once again! To know how it is to be self assured, to know one’s self worth.

Thousand times he told her how lucky he had been to have her. Loved her probably more than she did. It wasn’t long before she was herself involved in the mess created by him. Wasn’t long before it started to have a wearing effect on her. Wasn’t long before she started blaming herself for everything.

Then? Then what?

Maybe it was the perfect time for him to show how much he cared for her. He stood like a wall. Protected her from unwanted people. And together both of them made it!

They knew fate is cruel. That they have no definite future. They still promised to cling by each other, till whenever possible. Because they believed. Life is governed by fate. But fate? It’s governed by the universe inside the humans.
They took charge and continued to embrace each other.