Guest Posts

  • The Speaker’s Tavern - A nice Sunday evening, a group of friends, listeners and even avid readers willing to listen. And of course, a stage that was waiting for your stories and poetries! The Speakers Tavern is one of its own kind of a slam and storytelling event! Inspired by ‘The Writer’s Tavern’, InkscapeCo’s writer’s group, this offline event… Continue reading The Speaker’s Tavern
  • BITS Event - Spoken word poetry is  an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play, intonation and voice inflection. The spotlight had been on this art, during InkscapeCo’s BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus Event. Drishti Nagda, founder of InkscapeCo, enlightened the audience about what was the true essence of spoken poetry and it’s the different styles… Continue reading BITS Event
  • Reflection | Nebula - I reflect in your eyes I only am your reflection. Poetry is not reflection of the writer but that of a reader.
  • Rotten Green Hollow Log | Syed Adil Husain - Do you remember the pine forest? The rotten green hollow log, Your favorite hiding spot. Our pet squirrels and The anthills we hit With broken branches. The abandoned guesthouse Where witches waited With potions and poisons. Do you remember the doll? Big eyes and tiny hands. We pulled its limbs apart Like plucking red roses… Continue reading Rotten Green Hollow Log | Syed Adil Husain
  • Honest Men Will Be Cheated | Carlos Garbiras - They say you can’t cheat An honest man. But we’re honest men And we’ve fallen for many cons. If we didn’t have desires, Our hearts wouldn’t be cheated But they wouldn’t be beating, either. To them, we will only look honest When we give up on breathing. We’ve had desires Growing inside With febrile compulsion.… Continue reading Honest Men Will Be Cheated | Carlos Garbiras
  • Not Everyone | Sanskriti Gupta - Not everyone gets a happy ending Or happily ever after. Not everyone finds their true love Or make all the right choices. Not everyone has a cruel past And a bright future. Not everyone seeks for a relationship in opposite sex Other than friendship. Not everyone believes in love And is positive about everything. Not… Continue reading Not Everyone | Sanskriti Gupta
  • The Fall | Anjali Shrivastava - How did you fall for me?? He asked… “I was mesmerized by the beauty of your bright sparkly eyes which shone as you talked to me and in that moment I knew I was bound to fall for you…” I answered. A piece by Anjali Shrivastava