About Us

InkscapeCo is a website that provides readers with a host of short stories and poems to devour and a platform for writers to showcase their works. Inkscape provides 2 verticles: Reading and writing


InkscapeCo houses 6 perma authors that publish new works every week! Our works are based on prose and poetry to aid your bedtime reading or the monotonous bus rides. These short tales and verses are based on simple events and actions in a person’s life, made into rhythmic, abstract or even an engrossing pass time.


At Inkscape, anyone can put forwarded their written piece as a guest or by becoming a permanent author!Guest authors have their works posted on our Socials whereas Permanent authors have their works published on a regular basis!The procedure and Author Guidelines can be found here!


Project Inkscapeco:

Project “Inkscapeco” aims at creating a collaborative community of writers in all forms and types and their works will be showcased on Inkscape’s main website and its social wings

Project Daily buffet:

Project “Daily Buffet” provides readers with a lavish spread of prose and poetry presented in an elegant and simplistic reader friendly manner on a regular basis.

Projects in the pipeline:

We have considered the option to revive the beauty of handwritten letters which visitors can get them posted at a little extra cost.

Also, our in-house writers have their own series which they are working on, to aid to the weekly requirement of content dose.

So go ahead, get inspired, dive into your inkpot and write your masterpiece!