The Speaker’s Tavern

A nice Sunday evening, a group of friends, listeners and even avid readers willing to listen. And of course, a stage that was waiting for your stories and poetries!

The Speakers Tavern is one of its own kind of a slam and storytelling event! Inspired by ‘The Writer’s Tavern’, InkscapeCo’s writer’s group, this offline event was organised in the city of Hyderabad. Held at Sage Organics Hyderabad and decorated by our friends at Vhramz, the cozy setting drove the creative juices of the audience and performers!

The event had an informal aspect to it, with a stage open for the performers and even the spectators! Justifying its tagline,

‘Where stories speak and verses are set free’

the event aimed at setting up an informal platform for writers and speakers to share their works amongst a small community of listeners. A number of activities kept the audience engaged and looked forward to giving them the charge of the event!

The first half was semi structured and based on the essence of how the modern teenager evolves through the ages, gaining experiences and painting their own picture of realities with lessons and mistakes! The audience played a pivotal role here since they came from all walks of life.

The event started off with poetry and works based on teenage years. The works described how a person deals and understands the role of their guardians and their evolving relationship. The works looked into the realities that existed when it came to justify and bring into light the power and limitations of the guardian. Each work was open for interpretation by the audience, who justified the subjective nature through the different perspectives and even similar ones to base their interpretations.

These were followed by an unconventional story of love described metaphorically between two sisters, Poetry and Prose, and several others that described an evolving attitude brought about by our journey into adulthood!

We conducted a small activity that required the audience members to anonymously share their individual shortcomings and lessons on a piece of paper. These were then distributed randomly amongst the audience to read and suggest a personal lesson on the shortcoming. These were open to the audience to read at the end of the event.

The stage was open following a short break where performers and finally, of course, even the spectators shared some of their stories and even quotes.  A short session of photography finally brought the event to a close on a high note!

The event could be rather described as a beautiful amalgamation of minds that want to share their stories and minds that wish to listen to those with no intention of judgement. The activities only added up to justify that the audience served their purpose of being active listeners and integral part of the entire event, and hence were the keystone  for The Speaker’s Tavern.